Endorse Ross

Endorse Ross for Keizer City Council



    Ross is proudly supported by

    State Representative Bill Post (Keizer)

    Keizer City Councilor Marlene Parsons

    Keizer City Councilor Elizabeth Smith

     Keizer City Councilor Laura Reid

    Keizer City Councilor Dan Kohler

    Keizer City Council candidate Kyle Juran

    Danielle Bethell, Salem-Keizer School Board Member

    Keizer Chamber of Commerce

    Oregon Taxpayer Defense Fund PAC

    Oregonians In Action PAC

    Oregon Right to Life PAC

    Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

    Oregon Sportsman’s Defense Fund PAC

    Marion County Republican Party

    Bruce Anderson, former Keizer City Councilor

    Jamie Vandecoevring

    Tom Hurt

    Peter Mendez, Sancho’s Tacos and Grill, owner

    Stephanie Hamel

    Marc Adams

    Bill Fuhlrodt